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Fuel Oil Furnace Tune Up

Wyatt Heating and Cooling is one of the few companies in the area that services fuel oil furnaces. Fuel oil is expensive so its very important to have your fuel oil furnace serviced at the beginning of the heating season.

Top Reasons To Have Your Fuel Oil Furnace Serviced

Fuel oil Furnaces have a firing system that pulls in a lot of air for combustion. When those air inlets get dirty they restrict the incoming air and cause the fuel oil furnace to become way less efficient.

Fuel oil Furnaces all have a oil nozzle in the burner assembly of the furnace . Over a heating season these oil nozzles will wear and let more fuel oil into the burner. If to much fuel oil is allowed into the burner from a worn oil nozzle , poor combustion can occur . Poor combustion in a fuel oil furnace costs you more money to operate and can lead to black soot being circulated through your home.

Fuel oil filters located usually between the oil tank and the furnace , need to be replaced every year or can be clogged and lead to poor combustion and lack of heating. You can count on us to do a great job, clean up after our work, and explain anything you’d like to know about operating your heating system more efficiently.

Wyatt Heating and Cooling, Fuel Oil Furnace Tune up Includes the Following Services:

  • New Fuel Oil Nozzle
  • New Fuel Oil Filter
  • Clean the Burner Assembly
  • Inspect the Heat Exchanger
  • Inspect the Combustion Chamber
  • Inspect the Flue Pipes
  • Inspect the Chimney and Chimney Flue
  • Inspect the fuel storage tank
  • Inspect and clean the transformer
  • Adjust oil/air mixture for optimum efficiency
  • Drain expansion tank if unit has isolation valves
  • Check fire pot, comb. air wheel, and pump coupling
  • Inspect and adjust the fuel oil pump
  • Inspect, adjust and clean stack control
  • Check and tighten all exhaust pipe connections
  • Adjust the draft regulator
  • Oil motor bearings
  • Inspect, clean and adjust the ignition electrodes
  • Adjust the burner flame
  • Cycle unit and make adjustments accordingly
  • Check CO level of exhaust
  • Test safety controls

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